Help us keep the Parco dei Daini clean! Join us July 18, 2017 at 10am!

Join us to clean the Parco dei Daini Tuesday, July 18 at 10am!

To initiate a new collaboration between La Conserva della neve and the garden services of Villa Borghese, you’re invited to help us keep Parco dei Daini clean! Garden services will provide brooms, rakes and trash bags – you just need to show up with your own gloves.

We hope this new initiative will launch a monthly appointment with the friends, fans and supporters of La Conserva della neve to keep the park clean and pristine as it deserves!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Want to help Rome bloom this September?

Starting today, Tuesday, June 13 we’re excited to announce the official launch of our Crowdfunding campaign for the next edition of La Conserva della neve. For the next 40 days we’re asking our fans and friends of the Conserva to help us make Rome bloom this September!

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new way we’re seeking to raise funds in a collaborative effort with our fans and friends to help us return to the lovely Parco dei Daini in Villa Borghese, exhibiting the newest plants and research in biodiversity in Italy and abroad. We’ve chosen, an Italian crowdfunding platform, to host our project so we too can show our support for an Italian startup.

Why should you support us?

Our non-profit organization, La Conserva della neve, has hosted the eponymous plant market and show for the last 15 years, seeking to raise awareness on Italian and international biodiversity meanwhile offering our visitors a relaxing weekend surrounded by nature. Selected niche growers from all over Italy and abroad travel to Rome to show and sell their plants and offer advice. Book presentations by researchers and authors, contemporary art and landscape installations, and special events – like the baptism of a new Italian rose variety called “The Villa Borghese” in honor of our event – are just some of the events in our annual programs.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to raise the funds necessary to organize the event and host it in Villa Borghese, so we are reaching out to our fans and friends of the Conserva to help us bring this beloved event to light another year. Additionally, funds raised by our campaign will go directly to the maintenance and organization of the event in the Parco dei Daini in Villa Borghese. Support for us is a support for the historic and beautiful parks in Rome.

What do we offer?

We have established 5 levels of support for our campaign:


  • 1 x Entrance Ticket
  • Your name on our website as a supporter


  • 1 x Entrance Ticket
  • 1 x Guided Visit to the Secret Gardens of Villa Borghese
  • 1 x Bag “La Conserva della neve”
  • Your name on our website as a supporter


  • 2 x Entrance Ticket
  • 2 xGuided Visit to the Secret Gardens of Villa Borghese
  • 2 x Borsa “La Conserva della neve”
  • Your name on our website as a supporter


  • 4 x Biglietto d’Ingresso
  • 4 x Guided Visit to the Secret Gardens of Villa Borghese
  • 4 x Bag “La Conserva della neve”
  • Your name on our website as a supporter


  • Two limited edition roses “Villa Borghese” which were baptized during the XIII edition of La Conserva della neve
  • 6 x Entrance Ticket
  • 6 xGuided Visit to the Secret Gardens of Villa Borghese
  • 6 x Bag “La Conserva della neve”
  • Your name on our website as a supporter

How to give a donation?

To make a donation is fast, secure, and simple! Visit our project on, choose your level and continue directly to checkout online. Payment can be made online via prepaid Postepay cards, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

You will receive your rewards only if we reach our target. So please help us spread the word with your friends and family, using the following link. When the project is complete we’ll follow up on how to claim your rewards.

Share Link:

We’d like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all of our fans, friends, and supporters helping us in this effort. We look forwarding to seeing you all in September!

Sere FAI d’Estate

Experience the beauty of Italy under the stars and discover the FAI heritage sites at night this summer!

“Castelli millenari, ville d’epoca, giardini archeologici, boschi secolari: per “Sere FAI d’Estate” i luoghi del FAI aprono le loro porte al pubblico eccezionalmente di sera, dal tramonto a mezzanotte, per un mese di festa da vivere sotto le stelle.

Scopri gli oltre 60 gli eventi proposti in tutta Italia nei weekend dal 9 giugno al 2 luglio: ti aspettano aperture straordinarie, visite speciali, aperitivi e concerti a cura di 11 conservatori italiani.

Un’occasione unica per scoprire l’Italia più bella in un’inedita veste notturna.”

To purchase tickets online or for more information visit the official  Sere FAI d’Estate website

COSA FAI OGGI. Il rito e i mestieri

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to visit the Mithraeum of Circus Maximus, this Saturday, June 10 2017.

“Il Mitreo del Circo Massimo fu scoperto nel 1931 durante i lavori per adattare il palazzo dell’ex pastificio Pantanella ad ambienti di deposito e laboratorio per il Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Luogo scelto per il culto di Mitra nel III sec. d.c. in quanto appartato e seminterrato, il Mitreo voleva evocare la grotta primitiva del dio.”

Read the whole press release (Italian only) HERE.

FREE ENTRY. Entrance from 10am to 8pm in Piazza Bocca della Verità, 16 (Last group of 25 enter at 7pm)


See the Facebook event here.


Rome is the greenest European city?

Friends of the Conserva della neve,

Read this interesting link on the green heritage of Rome: it will give you some perspective on the importance on the issue but also the negligence on the part of public administration.

As many of you know, our event which takes place each year in Parco dei Daini of Villa Borghese benefits the park by offering ancient bulbs, herbs and trees to the Secret Gardens (from 2010 to 2015) as a collaboration with the City of Rome represented by the Soprintendenza Beni Culturali (Ville e Parchi Storici Department) and the Gardens Service.

(Photo by @thebrand79 on Instagram, La Conserva della Neve 2015)

Since 2016, this symbiotic convention was no longer permitted without cause.

As a consequence since 2016 none of the gardens have these ancient species (omit the Third Secret Garden which was restored thanks to the support of the “Mecenati della Galleria Borghese”). We aren’t losing hope, confident in the attention of Rome’s green heritage with the new public authority. We are hopeful that visitors to the park will have the opportunity again to enjoy the beauty and curiosity of the flower and plants in these 16th century gardens.

Click here to read the article on (Italian only)


Join the Association “Donne dell’Olio” at Olio Capitale 2017

Friends of La Conserva della Neve, just a note that the national association Donne dell’Olio which participates each year at our event offering oil tastings, will be present starting tomorrow (March 4) in Trieste for the international olive oil expo Olio Capitale. They will present an event called: Microonde e Megasuoni nel processo di estrazione. Riflessi sui profili chimici e organolettici dell’olio e sull’efficienza di estrazione.

Microwaves and ultrasounds: new technologies for the extraction of oil which render the process definitively continuous, overcoming the limits of discontinuity during the traditional pressing process. The first apparatus to combine microwaves-ultrasounds to continuously condition the olive paste is a project that originates from the efforts of an international research team, including Professor Alessandro Leone from the University of Foggia and Dr. Antonia Tamborrino from the University of Bari, with the CSIRO of Melbourne, Australia and the University of the Republic (Uruguay).

The results of this technological challenge will open new innovations and introduce huge advancements in the process of transformation, which will be divulged at Olio Capitale organized by the national association Donne dell’Olio. In addition to the participation of Professor Alessandro Leone and Dr. Antonia Tamborrino, Dr. Carmela Barracane (expert in marketing and communications for oil plants) and Dr. Daniela Capgna (food expert of oil machines) will also be present.

Visit the official website for Olio Capitale 2017:

Visit the official website for Donne dell’Olio:

Read more (Italian only) La Madia Food Travel