Join the Association “Donne dell’Olio” at Olio Capitale 2017

Friends of La Conserva della Neve, just a note that the national association Donne dell’Olio which participates each year at our event offering oil tastings, will be present starting tomorrow (March 4) in Trieste for the international olive oil expo Olio Capitale. They will present an event called: Microonde e Megasuoni nel processo di estrazione. Riflessi sui profili chimici e organolettici dell’olio e sull’efficienza di estrazione.

Microwaves and ultrasounds: new technologies for the extraction of oil which render the process definitively continuous, overcoming the limits of discontinuity during the traditional pressing process. The first apparatus to combine microwaves-ultrasounds to continuously condition the olive paste is a project that originates from the efforts of an international research team, including Professor Alessandro Leone from the University of Foggia and Dr. Antonia Tamborrino from the University of Bari, with the CSIRO of Melbourne, Australia and the University of the Republic (Uruguay).

The results of this technological challenge will open new innovations and introduce huge advancements in the process of transformation, which will be divulged at Olio Capitale organized by the national association Donne dell’Olio. In addition to the participation of Professor Alessandro Leone and Dr. Antonia Tamborrino, Dr. Carmela Barracane (expert in marketing and communications for oil plants) and Dr. Daniela Capgna (food expert of oil machines) will also be present.

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