La Conserva della Neve is a Non Profit Association that promotes and organizes the cultural exhibition of the same name, with the scope to raise awareness for new forms of art and landscape architecture and spread the concept of biophilia and environmental “biodiversity”. Beyond this, the association has equal interest in all activies and creations aimed at the health of the environment and landscape, highlighting the contributions from professionals such as researchers, scientists, landscape architects, agronomists, industry associations, artists, and writers.

The cultural and popular importance of the event is annually demonstrated by increasing number of visitors, especially students in agricultural science, forestry science, and landscape architecture, in addition to families and plenty of passionate gardeners, both amateur and professional. From 3,000 visitors in the first edition in 2002, the event reached nowadays a record of 15,000 visitors.

In recent years the exhibition has contributed to the implementation of specialized nurseries and associations in Italy, which in turn supported the creation of scientific foundations to safeguard the biodiversity of plant species belonging to our country and assist national associations who operate in developing countries to promote sustainable agriculture, improving the quality of everyday life and enhancing traditional knowledge for economization.

From 2002 to 2009 the exhibition would take place in Villa Lante di Bagnaia (Viterbo),  one of the most famous XVI century Italian gardens. From 2010 La Conserva della neve moved to Rome, in the wonderful setting of Villa Borghese, into the Parco dei Daini.

The first five editions created a strong and constructive relationship between the exhibition and the Comune of Rome with the presence of the Director of Cultural Heritage (Management of the Villas and Historic Parks) and Garden Maintenance. This collaboration consisted in suppling each year the Secret Gardens with  historic bulbous, herbaceous and woody plant species. The Secret Gardens are still open to visitors through guided tours with the offical staff.

The creation and organization of the exhibition is thanks to the passion and tenacity of its founding members Maria Cristina Leonardi, landscape agronomist, and Lusi Nesbitt, President of the Association as well as a Grand Officer for the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.