Rome is the greenest European city?

Friends of the Conserva della neve,

Read this interesting link on the green heritage of Rome: it will give you some perspective on the importance on the issue but also the negligence on the part of public administration.

As many of you know, our event which takes place each year in Parco dei Daini of Villa Borghese benefits the park by offering ancient bulbs, herbs and trees to the Secret Gardens (from 2010 to 2015) as a collaboration with the City of Rome represented by the Soprintendenza Beni Culturali (Ville e Parchi Storici Department) and the Gardens Service.

(Photo by @thebrand79 on Instagram, La Conserva della Neve 2015)

Since 2016, this symbiotic convention was no longer permitted without cause.

As a consequence since 2016 none of the gardens have these ancient species (omit the Third Secret Garden which was restored thanks to the support of the “Mecenati della Galleria Borghese”). We aren’t losing hope, confident in the attention of Rome’s green heritage with the new public authority. We are hopeful that visitors to the park will have the opportunity again to enjoy the beauty and curiosity of the flower and plants in these 16th century gardens.

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